Neighbourhood Event

March 16 & 22, 2024 – This year, we successfully adapted our traditional Ramadan dinner at ATIC by organizing our community into two groups of 250 members each, thanks to funding from the Calgary Foundation’s Neighborhood Grant. In a wonderful display of community spirit, each participant invited a non-Muslim neighbour or someone nearby, fostering a rich sense of shared understanding and connection. The events took place on March 16 and 22 at the Dalhousie Community Center’s auditorium. Our dedicated volunteers prepared the meals in the center’s commercial kitchen, which were then enjoyed together in a beautifully decorated hall featuring traditional Ramadan motifs.
The evenings included an informative opening speech about the significance of Ramadan, followed by a delightful presentation by our children. There was a brief intermission for prayers, adding a spiritual dimension to our gathering. Afterward, ATIC’s president warmly introduced the new families who have recently joined our community, and thoughtful gifts were distributed to both families and children, adding a personal touch to the welcoming atmosphere.
Through this event, funded by the Calgary Foundation’s Neighborhood Grant, we not only continued our tradition of community engagement during Ramadan but also took significant steps towards integrating new members into our vibrant community fabric, demonstrating our core values in action.


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