Core Values of the Hizmet Movement

On the UN International Day of Peace, Alliance for Shared Values has declared the Core Values of the Hizmet Movement. The original article below has been directly derived from the AFSV's official website. You can click the link to see the original article: In PDF format: CORE VALUES of the

Introducing the Hizmet Movement

I thank the organizers for this invitation to be part of the inaugural dinner of the conference “Islam in the Age of Global Challenges: Alternative Perspectives of the Gülen Movement.” I am also grateful to Georgetown University for hosting this event. Many of you already know much about the life and thought

Religious Freedom and Civil Liberties

What we have heard thus far indicates the enormous scope of the topic for this conference. Admittedly, I was overwhelmed by the challenging task of responding to the issue of religious freedom and civil liberties in a matter of ten or so minutes, but I will attempt to address a few pertinent