The Birth of Prophet Muhammad – Program

On October 10th, ATIC organized an event at the Al-Salam Centre to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.). Imam Iqbal Gora was the main speaker of this event, he gave an excellent speech on the qualities of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Following the speech, Mr. Altunay gave a beautiful

Muslim Heritage Day Festival 2022 – ATIC Stand

On August 20th, 2022, Muslim Heritage Day Festival took place at Olympic Plaza in the beautiful city of Calgary. ATIC was one of the participants in this remarkable Festival. We had a beautiful stand along with other Muslim communities from all over Calgary. Visitors could learn about Turkey, taste Turkish coffee, and

Core Values of the Hizmet Movement

On the UN International Day of Peace, Alliance for Shared Values has declared the Core Values of the Hizmet Movement. The original article below has been directly derived from the AFSV's official website. You can click the link to see the original article: In PDF format: CORE VALUES of the