Play Together – Table Tennis Tournament

Today, February 18, 2024, ATIC organized a thrilling table tennis tournament with over 20 participants. Each contender fiercely vied for the coveted first place. The event buzzed with intense matches and competitive spirit, showcasing the passion and skill of all involved.

Play Together Event Unites Children and Families for Fun and Connection

Play Together launched with volunteers leading various games and organizing a soccer event where children participated in training and matches. Amidst the excitement, kids eagerly joined the activities, honing their skills and enjoying friendly competition. Parents cheered from the sidelines, fostering a sense of community. The event served as a platform for

Summer Job Activity 2021

Dive into summer with our exciting community summer job activity! Join us as we embark on a journey of growth, learning, and fun. Let's come together as a community to create memories, make a difference, and seize the endless possibilities that this summer holds.