Newcomers Dinner

On November 12th at 7 PM, ATIC Calgary orchestrated a special gathering, bringing together recently arrived families for an evening dinner. The familial atmosphere was enhanced by the accompaniment of music, creating a memorable experience for children, teenagers, and adults alike. This event not only served as a shared meal but also as a moment of connection and unity within the community.

The dinner, meticulously planned, aimed to foster a sense of belonging and inclusion. As families gathered around the table, the harmonious blend of music and conversation created an ambiance of warmth and joy. The smiles on the faces of children, teens, and adults reflected the success of this thoughtful initiative. ATIC Calgary remains dedicated to cultivating a welcoming environment, and this event was a testament to the organization’s commitment to building meaningful connections within its diverse community.


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  • Zackaria

    Salam Alaikoum do you organized other newcomers dinners


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