Former NBA Star Enes Kanter joins ATIC to promote youth sports

July 28, 2023

ATIC and BURC orchestrated a heartwarming convergence, uniting aspiring young individuals with the esteemed presence of former NBA player Enes Kanter, all in the noble pursuit of instilling a profound passion for sports within the youth. Enes Kanter, a charismatic figure who has captured the attention and admiration of budding athletes, wholeheartedly committed to enriching the 15-day spring camp experience. This transformative camp, a collaborative effort between ATIC, BURC and the prestigious Centre Canada in Vancouver, is set to unfold its inspiring journey from March 13 to March 28.


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  • sadri demircan

    It is a great organization to bring young people and families together with great athletes. I also attended this organization with my 15-year-old son. My son is very motivated. Enes Kanter really has an exemplary lifestyle for young people. He’s such a hero.


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