10th Traditional Winter Camp 24-27 Dec.

Organized by ATIC Calgary

Almost 420 individuals participated from Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Lethbridge and from different nations; Canadian, Turkish, Kurdish, Azerbaijani, Moroccan, Turkmen, Afghan, Bengal, Uzbek…

Kids had a lot fun with the hired professional childminders.

During 3 days 6 experts from different fields (from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and US) enlightened our members through 9 conferences and seminars.

The topics:

– Healthy communication between spouses.

– To be able to understand what children utter and they don’t.

– How to deal with the challenges in family life and in social life or what is having an active patience? Under the light of Prophet Mohammad’s practices.

-Why do we need a different and contemporary approach in understanding the Holy Quran? Example of naming the chapter 96 from Quran as “Love” instead of “clot clinging”.

– An unrealized threat for newcomers; to ghettoization, or a cure to it; to be integrated with the society by not forgetting the roots.



  • Emine G

    I would like to take this opportunity to give my heartfelt gratitude to ATIC and it’s organizers for putting together the 10th annual religious winter retreat. This was a time to put aside our daily routine for the purpose of healing and deepening our inner self. The program was rich in educational seminars, motivational speeches, daily readings, prayers and reflections.

    As a family it was the perfect opportunity to start 2020 rested, energized and spiritually refreshed. Thank you once again.

  • Kaya

    I joined this program with my family, and I would like to say that the program was very efficient and enlightening. Throughout the program we had very useful and effective seminar topics were selected and presentations were made by highly valued speakers. I spent three peaceful and beneficial days with my family, looking forward to joining this program again next year. Finally, I would like to thank all the friends who contributed to the preparation of this program.


    Thanks so much for organizing this camp.
    It was so beneficial to me and my family . I would love to attend again..
    Thank you so much !!

  • Nour

    It was really great opportunity for me and my family. Thanks for the organizers. I look forward to attend to next ones.

  • Melisa

    It was a great event with lots of fun and pleasure.Looking forward to participating next year’s program

  • Muhammer G.

    Thank you to ATIC for organizing this amazing event. as a family we really benefited. After a busy season of work and school, we got healed as minds, thoughts, feelings, perspectives, and knowledges. My two daughters socialized with their friends and had a great time. We look forward to upcoming events. Thanks again.

  • Malik">Malik

    I have attended this retreat with my family and enjoyed it very much. I want to thank the organizers. The program was very punctual. Kids activities were very engaging and fun too.

  • Cihan

    I felt refreshed after the program. Thanks to the Organizers!

  • Ekrem Sahin

    We had so much experienced and had fun as a family from this event. We want to thank the organizers.


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