Upcoming Iftar Dinners – March 22, 30, April 7

During the month of Ramadan, Muslim communities observe a fast from dawn until sunset, abstaining from food, drink, smoking, and other sinful behaviors. Central to this sacred month is the evening meal known as iftar, which holds immense significance as it symbolizes the breaking of the fast.

As an integral part of our tradition at ATIC, we are delighted to continue our tradition of organizing iftar dinners this Ramadan. We are pleased to announce that three more iftar dinners are scheduled for March 22, March 30, and April 7. These gatherings provide a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Ramadan, while also enjoying a meal shared with friends, family, and neighbors.

For registrations, please contact ATIC.

By phone: +1 (825) 521-1453
E-mail: [email protected]


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