Public Announcement from Anatolian Turkish Islamic Centre of Calgary.

COVID-19 has effected the whole world and devastating every community. 
We pray for everyone in Calgary, in Canada and in the world who got sick with this virus a fast recovery. 
We also pray for the people who lost their lives. May Allah account them as martyrs of this cureless decease as prophet Mohammad SAW described. 
We pray and hope that this pandemic is over soon and everyone could be relieved
Looking forward to seeing you on better days. 

Stay home, wash your hands and, obey the social distancing rules!

ATIC- Anatolian Turkish Islamic Center of Calgary


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  • Yasar Karayunusoglu

    Amen, my Lord, save us from this malady as soon as possible. I also condemn the murderer who has killed more than twenty people who have recently occurred. I wish patience to their families and relatives.


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