ATIC Weekend School for Children

We warmly welcome you to the doors of our school. Here, you can easily access detailed information about our school. You will find everything you are curious about regarding our educational approach, programs, activities, and more.

We are a community dedicated to achieving excellence in education. Our mission is to support our students in learning, growing, and developing together.

Among the programs offered at our school are Quranic reading and memorization, Turkish reading and comprehension, mathematics, attention development, values education, music lessons (such as violin and guitar), table tennis, and many other exciting activities. Additionally, we offer special pricing options based on the number of students: $150.00 for a single student, $225.00 for two siblings, and only $300.00 for three siblings.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity – enroll today! Click here to access the registration form! Our school will help your children spend their weekends in a fun, educational, and meaningful way. Our address is Vecova, 3304 33 St NW.

We can’t wait to see you among us!


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